We started with the movement for “Save the Water Front”

Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust is an NGO which maintains the following three public areas :

  1. Bandra Lands End near Bandra Fort,
  2. Bandra Bandstand Promenade at B.J. Road Bandra
  3. Sr. Citizen’s (Rotary) Park at the triangular cross section of B.J. Road and H.K. Bhabha Roads.

The BBRT Bandra Bandstand promenade has been declared as one of the 17 tourist spots in Mumbai. This open space with beautiful gardens and meandering walkways was developed through the funds allotted by various MPs, with eco-friendly designs by Shri P.K. Das activist, Architect. This, along with the BBRT Lands End Areas and the BBRT Sr. Citizens park have been maintained since year 2000 by an association of the residents, the Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust, at considerable cost, as a free facility for public from all strata of society. Over the years considerable improvements have been made and today thousands of people from all strata and from different parts of the city throng to these open spaces.


  • Join the Movement for saying NO to the Coastal Road
  • International Yoga Day function at Bandra Bandstand Promenade – 21/06/2015
  • Erosion Protection Project of the Promenade: Bhoomi Pujan was held on 11/4/15 (Saturday) at 5:30 PM by MP Ms Poonam Mahajan, MLA Shri Ashish Shelar, Deputy Mayor Ms Alka Kelkar. The project has started and for the progress – see Photo gallery
  • The Lands End Gardens have been upgraded from the funds of MP Ms Priya Dutt and MLA Shree Baba Siddique. Large tracts have been paved, many paved pathways / steps with hand railings have been created. Also many additional benches laid at strategic places.
  • Arrangements made at Lands End for playing Volley Ball / Badminton & Basket ball
  • For Cyclists: Cycle Stand now available inside Lands End Gardens.
  • Free Meditation camp between 7:30AM to 8:30AM at the North End Children’s Garden. The camp will be shifted to the South End of the Promenade during the rains.
  • Jogging Track now refurbished with soft mud track and available to all



(Events / Projects / Info)

  1. Events
  2. Projects
    • Erosion Protection
    • Further beautification of the Landsend Garden & Promenade
    • Play equipment in Children’s Parks
  3. Information & Issues
    • Bandra Bandstand Promenade-Sewage gutters outflows into the sea
    • Coastal Road Proposal at Bandra Bandstand Promenade adjacent to B.J. road, Bandra-West
    • Learning Centre for the Under privileged Children

Over 650 Photos have been provided in the Photo Gallery as we believe that “Seeing is Believing” and also a Photo tells a better story than many written words. The Photo Gallery has been divided into following sections:

  1. Archives Photos
    1. Lands End
    2. Promenade
    3. Citizens (Rotary) Park
  2. Interesting Photos
    1. Lands End
    2. Promenade
    3. Citizens (Rotary) Park
  3. Events
  4. Projects
  5. Information & Issues
  6. Pdf files with photos & Info
  7. Videos


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