Trustees & Life members as on 1/4/15

Sr No Name Designation
1 Shri. Arup K. Sarbadhikary Trustee – Chairman
2 Shri. Robin Nath Trustee – Secretary
3 Shri. Nisar Sikandar Trustee
4 Shri. Asif S. Nathani Trustee
5 Smt. Usha Chandrasekhar Athreya Trustee
6 Shri Suresh Abhat Trustee
7 Shri Ajeet Arenja Trustee
8 Shri. Benedict Soares Trustee
9 Shri. J.K. Tandon Trustee – Treasurer
10 Smt. Mangala Chandran Life Member
11 Smt. Leena Tewari Life Member
12 Shri. Aroop Roy Life Member
13 Smt. Swati Mayekar Life Member
14 Shri. Francis Pinto Life Member
15 Smt. Ratan Kapadia Life Member
16 Shri. Hari Iyer Life Member
17 Shri. Kevin Colaco Life Member
18 Shri. Prakash Gaba Life Member
19 Shri. Ashim Chakravarty Life Member
20 Smt. Dr Flory D’souza Life Member
21 Shri. Varghese T.K. Life Member
22 Smt. Kajal Kapoor Life Member
23 Smt. Rupmatii Jolly Life Member
24 Smt. Minali Thakkar Life Member
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