1. To protect, preserve and maintain open spaces at Bandra Land’s end & Bandra Bandstand ….B J Road, Mount Mary Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, in general.
  2. To promote establish and maintain or help / assist financially or otherwise, social, cultural and health Centres including recreation grounds, play fields, play grounds, beaches, public gardens and parks and swimming Baths.
  3. To hold discourses, functions, festivals, programs to teach and demonstrate the good points of environmental and ecological studies, cultural and living customs for the benefit of the society.
  4. To cooperate with and advise educational and other institutions in carrying out any environmental and Physical educational studies.
  5. To uphold the fundamental right to a clean environment as a part of the right to life as enshrined in Articles 14 & 21 of the constitution of India, by considering it as a social responsibility and acting as a Voluntary Forum to preserve the sanctity of the environment.
  6. To acquire, take on lease, purchase, exchange, gift, sponsor or otherwise to undertake the responsibility of maintaining of open areas including recreation grounds, play fields, public gardens, parks, beaches, road and footpaths.
  7. To carry on Landscaping, horticultural / aquaculture development of the land, gardens, parks, and / or Beaches so required.
  8. To keep coastal belt free of construction.
  9. To keep the beaches free of obstacles to permit easy access to seafarers / fishermen who survive on the sea and use it as an open road.
  10. To engage in, organize, undertake, carry on, aid, assist any program, work, activity of the nature of environmental social work, Environmental social work, balance maintaining nature cycle, pollution free and sustainable way of life.
  11. To endeavor to create pollution free environment.
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