• April 2015 – Bandra Bandstand Promenade – Sewage gutters outflows into the sea:
    Bandra Bandstand Promenade has daily thousands of visitors and is one of the 17 Tourists spots of Mumbai. However, we have a perennial problem since over 6 years where two sewage gutters keep overflowing from the sewage lines running under the Promenade. These sewage lines are perhaps unable to take the extra sewage load from Kane Road area and hence keep getting choked. Once they are choked or have reduced flow capacity, the foul smelling sewage overflows into the sea – thus vitiating the serenity and beauty of the place. Please see the attachment which shows the path of the sewage line under the Promenade and the photos of the two gutter outfalls into the sea. – Link to Photos
    In the past, as a short term emergency solution, BMC gets suction equipment to remove the blockages from the sewage lines under the Promenade. This stops the sewage outflow for a short time. And then the whole process starts again.
    We feel that the only permanent solution is to build a separate larger underground sewage gutter by the side of the B.J. Road which can take the load of buildings in the vicinity of Kane Road etc. and disconnect the inadequately small sewage line under the Promenade.
    Above complain has been sent to the local corporator Ms. Karen D’Mello, BMC and MLA Shree Ashish Shelar
  • April 2015 – Coastal Road Proposal at Bandra Bandstand Promenade adjacent to B.J. road, Bandra-West:
    This refers to the various press reports regarding a freeway along the Western Coast of Mumbai, between Marine Drive & Versova, comprising of a shore hugging coastal road, elevated road on stilts, and tunnels at various locations. In this connection please refer to the stretch between the Bandra Fort, Bandstand, Chimbai and Carter Road stretching up to the Khar Danda. The area has long stretches of mangroves along the coastline. We are particularly concerned about the Bandra Bandstand Coastline.
    We are alarmed, since the proposed work on this stretch would lead to an irreversible ecological damage due to the proposed 200 meters earth filling in the sea. This would cover up the mangroves and the 65 million years old volcanic rock formations found at Haji Ali, Bandra and Mahim coastline in Mumbai. This would also annihilate the sweet water springs, which historically fed ships from the ancient Bandra Fort, 400 years back. This would primarily destroy the Bandra Bandstand Promenade, since the coastal road would involve reclaiming large portions of the sea, for which the coastal regulations are being sought to be modified.
    Bandra Bandstand has been declared as one of the 17 tourist spots in Mumbai. This open space with beautiful gardens and meandering walkways was developed through the funds allotted by various MPs (Smt. Shabana Azmi, Shri Dilip Kumar, & Smt. Priya Dutt) and MLA Shri Baba Siddique, with eco-friendly designs by Shri P.K. Das activist, Architect. This was been maintained since year 2000 by an association of the residents, the Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust, at considerable cost, as a free facility for public from all strata of society.
    Crores of Rupees have already been spent through Govt. funds on the beautification and protection of the Promenade. The charisma and beauty of this promenade attracts thousands of people from far and near and gives Bandra its character. While building this promenade, care was taken not to upset any of the mangroves, the sweet water springs or the volcanic rock formations.
    Summarizing, we objected to the relevant authorities in the strongest terms, to the proposed coastal road which involves massive land fill in the sea. – Link to Maps & Photos
  • 30-4-2012 – Learning Centre for the Under privileged Children:
    Learning Centre for the underprivileged children was started at the South End of the Bandstand Promenade and run by the Angel Xpress Foundation. BBRT provided a clean area with painted walls (with pleasing Warli Motifs), lights, storage space, security etc. The 60 odd children are mostly from the neighbouring slums. Most go to normal schools; however the learning Centre helps them in the evenings between 5-7PM with extra academic coaching and assistance with their homework. The Learning centre also teaches value education, many extracurricular activities and mentors the children to inculcate values and build them into better human beings. The teachers are mostly voluntary from the neighbourhood. Light tiffin is provided to children after the class by various donors of the neighbourhood. The parents of the children, mostly slum dwellers, have become friendlier to BBRT and vandalism on the promenade has reduced. The school is still looking for voluntary teachers. – Link to Photos
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