The BBRT Bandra Bandstand promenade has been declared as one of the 17 tourist spots in Mumbai. This open space with beautiful gardens and meandering walkways was developed through the funds allotted by various MPs, with eco-friendly designs by Shri P.K. Das activist, Architect. This, along with the BBRT Lands End Areas and the BBRT Sr. Citizens park have been maintained since year 2000 by an association of the residents, the Bandra Bandstand Residents Trust, at considerable cost, as a free facility for public from all strata of society. Over the years considerable improvements have been made and today thousands of people from all strata and from different parts of the city throng to these open spaces.

For the future, we need to further enhance / augment the safety & security of the public and improve the facilities so as to create a green oasis in the conundrum of a concrete jungle. It should thus give a WOW experience to the visiting public.

Some of the facilities envisaged are:

  1. CCTV Camera
  2. Pay & use Public Toilet in the vicinity
  3. Mood lighting on the promenade & Lands End areas with also well lit up gardens & walkways for use after dark
  4. Lighting up the Fort at Lands End
  5. Laser Shows at Lands End
  6. A meditation centre at Lands End
  7. Improved public gym and excercising facilities
  8. Continuous Art display
  9. Regular Activities at the Amphitheatre (Musical, informative, social, entertaining, educational, etc.) on the promenade at weekends
  10. Improved lawns and landscaping with further greening
  11. Augmenting the seating capacities of the various Amphitheatres (one at Lands End and two small ones at the Promenade)
  12. Enhanced embankments / steps on the promenade
  13. Lighting up the mangroves and other interesting rock formations
  14. Sitting arrangements at different locations
  15. Walkways & paths through the gardens
  16. Vantage points with good view
  17. Area for sports
  18. Promoting visits of school children for horticulture knowledge & educational activities.
  19. A green oasis in the conundrum of a concrete jungle
  20. Archaeological interest
  21. More facilities in children playgrounds
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